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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Salesforce Ecosystem

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Neev Systems specializes in end-to-end Salesforce Application Management Services and Implementation. Our experts are committed to addressing the most pressing challenges faced by modern enterprises by designing Salesforce strategies to optimize customer relationship management, streamline business processes, and drive digital transformation effectively.

We create custom Salesforce solutions, covering all stages from initial planning to deployment and ongoing support. Our certified Salesforce experts help you unlock the true potential of customer data to create personalized customer experiences. With our seamless integration capabilities, your teams can collaborate effortlessly, driving business growth and helping you build long-lasting customer relationships.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your sales, marketing, or customer service operations, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Our 360° Salesforce Strategy

Salesforce Solutions

As a leading CRM platform, Salesforce deftly manages an organization’s customer interactions through various channels, including phone calls, email inquiries, communities, and traditional & social media. By concentrating on sales, support, and marketing processes, Salesforce facilitates improved customer-brand relationships.

Salesforce CPQ

This is  a Configure, Price, Quote Software is a sales tool that enables quick and accurate price quoting for customizable products by integrating with your CRM data. It benefits businesses by enhancing sales efficiency, reducing errors, and enabling strategic, data-driven sales decisions.

Sales Cloud

This versatile platform enables you to sell according to your preferences while connecting with customers in their preferred channels. Sales Cloud offers a 360-degree view of each customer, simplifying contact tracking, opportunity monitoring, and key deal management.

Service Cloud

This CRM platform consolidates all customer information in one centralized location, improving response time and helping your team access the same data for faster problem resolution. It enhances internal workflows by integrating external apps with Salesforce for improved collaboration and better work experience.

Marketing Cloud

Marketers can use the Marketing Cloud’s tools and features to create and manage personalized, targeted campaigns across multiple channels. It uses AI-driven analytics and reporting capabilities to automate engagement across channels and improve customer relations management.

Experience Cloud

Salesforce’s digital experience platform that can quickly build websites, portals, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints to engage with customers and digitize business processes at lightning speed.


Omnichannel automates the routing of work requests to the most available and qualified support agents and provides real-time operational intelligence to support supervisors with Omni Supervisor. This helps assist your customers faster and more effectively and close assignments more quickly.

Field Service

Boost productivity for your frontline workforce, lower operating costs, and transform your service experience with an end-to-end field service platform. Field Service provides tools to support Mobile Worker Excellence, Optimized Scheduling and Dispatching, Intelligent Asset Service Management,  Enhanced Service Delivery, Real-Time Remote Assistance, Seamless Customer Engagement.

Contract Lifecycle Management

CLM software solutions Like Juro, Docusign, Congo,  Icetis etc. give you control over the entire spectrum of the contract management process. With a robust CLM strategy in place, you can get the most value out of your contracts during each phase of the process, mitigate risks across the board, enable advanced reports and enrich your relationships with clients.

Customer 360

Provides a complete portfolio of products, unites your sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT teams on one integrated platform. With powerful automation, always-on intelligence, and real-time hyperscale data empower teams to instantly personalize every customer experience from one trusted platform.

Unlock Salesforce Sales Cloud's Full Potential with SparkFire

At Neev Systems, we understand the challenges that businesses face in fully leveraging salesforce potential. Complex user interfaces, data quality issues, integration challenges, and inadequate support resources are a few challenges that hinder user adoption and ultimately impact business performance.
That’s why we’ve developed SparkFire – a comprehensive service offering designed to transform your Salesforce experience and propel your business toward unparalleled growth and efficiency. With advanced capabilities like user experience optimization, data management, integration and automation, self-support enablement, and proactive release management, Sparkfire empowers your team to maximize the value of Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Why Choose Us?

Innovation Hub

Our innovation hub offers a service catalog of pre-built accelerators to quickly and predictably deploy Salesforce Cloud Solutions. We provide accelerators for cloud assessment, migration & co-existence, testing, training.

Dedicated and Shared Service Support Model

SLA based support with different support models including resource augmentation, capacity augmentation, managed and shared support services.

24/7 Dual Shore Support With Weekend Coverage

We provide a dual shore support team with a 24/7 coverage option. Clients can also opt for weekend support for all time zones.

Expertise in Seamless Integrations

We have extensive experience in delivering end-to-end  integration using Oracle, ServiceNow, MuleSoft, Dell Boomi and Web Services.

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