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IT Outsourcing for
Mid-Market Enterprises

Discover the Power of Virtual Captive Centres

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Problem statement :

Traditional outsourcing can feel like a gamble: you sacrifice control for potential cost savings, often dealing with communication challenges and frustration. Meanwhile, in-house teams can become bogged down by talent shortages, limited budgets, and a lack of specialized skills.

What if there was a better way?

Virtual Captive Centres (VCCs) offer a game-changer for mid-sized enterprises, a hybrid model that combines the cost-efficiency of outsourcing with the control and flexibility of an in-house team.

Say Good Bye to:

High Costs: Traditional outsourcing may promise cost savings, but hidden fees and unforeseen expenses can quickly escalate your IT budget.
Limited Control: Entrusting critical operations to external providers can result in a loss of control over your projects, timelines, and overall business strategy.
Limited Talent: In-house teams often face talent shortages, hindering the pursuit of innovative solutions and specialized expertise.
Communication Breakdowns: Coordinating with dispersed teams, time zone differences, and language barriers can lead to communication breakdowns, impacting project delivery and collaboration.

Say Good Bye to:


Virtual Captive Centres (VCC)

A Hybrid Model for Delivering the Best of Both Worlds

Virtual Captive Centers(VCC)

A Hybrid Model for Delivering the Best of Both Worlds

Say Good Bye to:

A Hybrid Model for Delivering the Best of Both Worlds

How Will VCCs Benefit You?

Manage your team directly, ensuring alignment with your company culture and standards.
Achieve significant cost savings compared to traditional outsourcing and onshore operations, with a transparent cost-plus model. Reduce your IT budget by up to 50%
Tap into a wider pool of talent with diverse skill sets not readily available locally.

Benefit from round-the-clock coverage across time zones for maximum efficiency and productivity. 

Scale your VCC team size and expertise as your business grows and evolves. The model adapts to your changing requirements. 

Your Path to Efficient IT Outsourcing

Comprehensive IT Services Tailored to Your Needs

At Neev Systems, we understand that your business is unique, and so are your IT requirements. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to empower your organization with cutting-edge solutions.
Our offering is not one-size-fits-all. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, whether it’s specialized IT support, research and development, or unique customer engagement strategies. As your business grows, our services scale with you, ensuring a partnership that consistently aligns with your evolving objectives.
Explore the depth of our offerings:

Partnership Pricing Model

Ensuring cost transparency and predictability

Our Partnership Pricing Model is designed to bring transparency and alignment to our engagements. Unlike traditional offshore staffing and contract-to-hire (C2H) models that rely on fixed-rate cards with hidden margins, our model is built on a clear, cost-plus basis.
71% cost savings, if transitioning from onshore to partnership pricing model and 22% cost savings, if you are transitioning from current offshoring model to partnership pricing model. Without losing the control.

Partnership Pricing Model - Benefits

Cost Transparency
Every aspect of the pricing is discussed and agreed upon upfront, ensuring no surprises.
Ideal for engagements requiring diverse skill sets and experience levels, offering the ability to scale as per your needs.
Strategic Alignment
Our model is designed for long-term partnerships, aligning our success with yours.

The Neev Systems Advantage

When it comes to transforming your IT landscape, Neev Systems stands out as the strategic partner of choice. Here’s why IT leaders and CIOs choose us: 

Specialized for Mid-market growth
Optimal Hybrid sourcing
End-to-end IT Expertise
Risk Mitigation in Operations

Success story

Key Benefits

Inhabitr, established in 2018, is an innovator in commercial real estate furnishing, utilizing AI-driven technology to offer comprehensive solutions from design to financing. It connects with a global network of over 1,000 partners to deliver quality and sustainable furnishings efficiently.

Business Needs:

Inhabitr sought to enhance its operational efficiency and reduce overheads without compromising on the quality of its innovative furnishing solutions.


Join The Future of IT Outsourcing

Imagine bidding farewell to the uncertainties of traditional models and welcoming a future marked by flexibility, efficiency, and alignment with your business goals.

With Neev Systems’ VCC solutions, you’re not just outsourcing; you’re strategically enhancing your operations.
Choose Neev Systems for a partnership that evolves with you, promises continuous innovation, and a smooth transition to your own subsidiary, aligning with your long-term vision. Choose technological excellence and operational efficiency. Start Transforming Today!


VCC is an outsourcing model where you partner with a service provider like us to establish a dedicated team that works exclusively for your company, combining the cost-efficiency of outsourcing with the control and flexibility of an in-house team.

VCC offers cost savings up to 50% compared to onshore operations and up to 25% from traditional outsourcing, direct operational control, access to a vast pool of skilled professionals, enhanced flexibility, and faster time-to-market for projects.

Our partnership pricing model provides a transparent breakdown of all costs for services, personnel, and infrastructure, ensuring cost transparency and predictability.

We provide access to a diverse pool of highly skilled professionals in various IT domains. Quality and expertise are ensured through rigorous recruitment processes and continuous skill development programs.

We ensure seamless integration through customized IT solutions and communication protocols, aligning the VCC team’s operations with your existing infrastructure and processes.

The VCC model is highly scalable, allowing you to adjust the team size and expertise according to your business needs, be it expansion or downsizing.

Our VCC offers a wide range of IT services including software developmententerprise application servicesIT infrastructure management, and data analytics, all customizable to your specific needs.

Our IT streamlined processes and dedicated teams enable quicker project delivery. We manage different time zones effectively to ensure maximum productivity around the clock.

We use advanced project management tools and maintain regular communication through various channels to ensure transparency and alignment with your objectives.

We have strategies in place to mitigate operational and strategic risks, including comprehensive risk assessments and contingency plans for business continuity.

Performance is monitored using predefined KPIs, and regular feedback is provided for continuous improvement. We also welcome client input to refine our service delivery.

Our VCC aligns with your long-term strategies, offering not just services but also consultation and support for ongoing business evolution and growth.

We provide a clear exit strategy in our agreements, ensuring a smooth transition should you decide to change or terminate the VCC setup.

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