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Deliver Delightful Customer Experiences Effortlessly with ServiceNow CSM

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Managing customer service can be challenging for enterprises of all sizes. From ensuring that customer issues are resolved quickly to managing customer data, there are a lot of moving parts to consider.

With ServiceNow Customer Service Management, you can deliver an agile and smooth customer experience with a single integrated platform. Empower service agents with the right data, intelligent case management, streamlined workflows, and automation.

As a ServiceNow partner, Neev Systems offers end-to-end services to unlock the full potential of the platform and deliver personalized customer experiences. Right from planning, implementation to support and upgrades, we ensure faster roll-outs, seamless integrations  and effective adoption of the ServiceNow solutions.

Our 360° ServiceNow Strategy

During the initial stage of planning, we collaborate with clients to develop tailored ServiceNow solutions through business case creation, proof of concept, cloud assessments, and business process reengineering.

Highlights of ServiceNow CSM

ServiceNow CSM bundles vital features and tools into scalable and flexible packages that can adapt to your evolving requirements. The platform is fused with emerging technologies like predictive intelligence and  AI chatbots  to deliver a frictionless agent and customer experience.

Case Management

A unified system to track & manage customer cases. It provides end-to-end visibility into the case resolution process for agents, supervisors, and customers.

With customizable workflows and automated actions, manage interactions & SLAs, streamline case resolution & reduce manual effort.

Agent Workspace

A unified interface that provides agents with a single view of all customer interactions. It allows agents to access relevant information, collaborate with team members, and resolve cases faster.

With AI-powered recommendations and automation, agents can work more efficiently and effectively.


Provide consistent customer experiences across multiple channels, including web, mobile, chat, email, and phone.

Use  a unified platform for managing all customer interactions and ensure that customers receive the same level of service regardless of the channel they use.

Self Service

Empowers customers to resolve issues on their own. Provides customers with access to knowledge articles, FAQs, chatbots & other resources to help them find solutions to their problems.

With personalized recommendations & AI-powered search, the self-service portal helps customers find the information they need quickly & easily.

Predictive Intelligence

Use machine learning and analytics to identify and resolve issues proactively. Analyze customer data to predict issues before they occur and recommend actions to prevent them.

With predictive intelligence, ServiceNow CSM helps organizations improve customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and increase operational efficiency.

Virtual Agents

ServiceNow CSM's virtual agents provide 24/7 automated customer support. They use natural language processing and AI to understand customer inquiries and provide relevant responses.

With virtual agents, organizations can provide fast and consistent customer support while reducing the workload on human agents.

Why Choose Us?

Innovation Hub

Our innovation hub offers a service catalog of pre-built accelerators to quickly and predictably deploy ServiceNow CSM Solutions. We provide accelerators for cloud assessment, migration & co-existence, testing, training.

Platform Development

Development of custom applications and solutions by exploiting native ServiceNow capabilities and the Create NOW platform.

Platform Expertise

Our certified ServiceNow professionals have expertise across the entire software life cycle starting from process assessment to deployments

Dedicated and Shared Service Support Model

SLA based support with different support models including resource augmentation, capacity augmentation, managed and shared support services.

24/7 Dual Shore Support With Weekend Coverage

We provide a dual shore support team with a 24/7 coverage option. Clients can also opt for weekend support for all time zones.

Expertise in Seamless Integrations
We have extensive experience in delivering end-to-end  integration using Oracle, MuleSoft, Dell Boomi and Web Services.

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